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The University Art Gallery organizes and presents exhibitions of contemporary art by regional, national and international artists, providing a forum for artwork of a culturally-diverse and issue-charged nature. The Gallery also offers educational programs, such as lectures and gallery talks. The Gallery is committed to presenting viewers with avenues of experience that expand awareness, promote understanding and foster appreciation of today's visual arts.

The University Art Gallery is a vital component of the cultural life of San Diego State University and offers ongoing outreach to the San Diego/Tijuana community. The Gallery's exhibitions and programs enhance the educational experience of all students. At the same time, faculty, staff and visitors are provided the opportunity to consider a broad range of aesthetic and philosophical viewpoints expressed through a wide variety of significant artistic activity.


International and Multicultural Programming

The University Art Gallery has exhibited the work of artists from several countries, such as China, Japan, Korea, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Austria, Russia, Australia, South Africa, Canada and Mexico. The Gallery also has exhibited the work of artists from throughout the United States who represent the diversity of the nation's ethnic backgrounds, including African American, Asian American, Latino, Native American and European American.


Artistic Innovation

Exhibitions presented at the University Art Gallery reflect recent developments in contemporary art, encompassing drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, performance, video and photography. The Gallery also features the latest approaches to artmaking, including the use of digital imagery and interactive multimedia. In addition to exhibiting artworks borrowed from commercial galleries and from public and private collections, the Gallery commissions site-specific projects that provide opportunities for artists to create new works.


A Special Greeting to College and University Students

Each exhibition at the University Art Gallery is organized and presented primarily for you. The Gallery is your visual library, where you can see firsthand a variety of contemporary artistic expressions that comment on timely and relevant topics. For art majors exploring issues of content, materials and working methods in your own work, artworks seen at the Gallery may act as a catalyst for your personal creative process. For art history majors, the Gallery is a physical archive that offers direct contact with art objects, enhancing your classroom access to photographic reproductions of artworks. For non-art majors, exhibitions at the Gallery may provide your exciting initial encounter with the visual arts. The goal of all exhibitions at the University Art Gallery is to feature artworks that broaden your perception of art and expand the borders of what you encounter in your academic studies.